Bombshell (Hollywood A-List #1) by C.D. Reiss

I think I’ve given every book that I have read by  C.D Reiss’s books 5 stars, except this one.  Now If you know this author, she is pretty clear that her books are NOT safe.

This book is kind of safe. This is a sweet book. I got goosebumps in the epilogue. I never get goosebumps. I love how Brad grows into fatherhood, and the support he received for doing what was right.

Brad is an actor who is a playboy, but he’s also a country boy who you can’t help but fall love with.  He’s living the dream until he finds out he has a daughter. A daughter who just lost her mother and is in need of some love and support.

No Nanny will do, it has to be Cara. Cara is laid back, she’s kind of go with the flow. She loves her job. She tries to stay out of the limelight because of past history. So she made a rule, never nanny for celebrities. It’s for her protection, one wrong move and your on the front page.

Cara decides to break her rule, because let’s face it, Brad needs the help, and she can’t say no. Even though she keeps picturing him naked.

Now that really what this book is about. A Nanny who didn’t stand a chance, and an actor who has his world turned upside down by a little girl named Nicole.

The sex is steaming, the feels are good, and all in it was a cute book. For some this will be a 5 star read, for me its 3.5 , I liked it 🙂


Naughty Boss by Whitney G.

Okay so I haven’t done a blog post in awhile. To catch up, I’ve bought just about every new book out, that I will read…. so about 5 LOL

 I had to take a step back from blogging due to some haters apparently, I romanticize the wrong things

thats me

That’s a story for another day…

So this book was everything, and I’m biased so there’s that. I love Whitney G’s books.

I love the alpha males she creates, and she did perfect with Michael.

He was the dick we love to hate….


The banter was great, Mya was a  great heroine. All in all,  a quick sexy read.

Marriage Games (The Games Duet #1) by C.D. Reiss

So this went live yesterday, and I read it all yesterday, my only regret is that I didn’t savor it.

Some reviews said they had no words, and I can relate. When it comes to this book, I don’t think,  I just feel. The emotions are tangible.

can't breath







Diana wants out of her marriage, and she is trying to do it clean. While she doesn’t love her husband, she doesn’t want to hurt him or drag it out.

Adam, on the other hand, is playing to win, but what is he trying to win?

“I wanted her to go. I wanted her to stay. I wanted her on my terms. I wanted her on any terms. I wanted to be cured of the disease of love. I wanted to be cured of want.”

Adam is a true sadist emotionally and physically.


We get both POV’s, but we  get Adam’s first. Just like him, we can’t see why Diana left him because we felt their love in his POV.


One word.

I hated some parts of this book. I hate that we couldn’t stay in the present, I hate that I had to deal with Serena.

I not mad

I know your seeing hate, and I still gave this 5 stars.

In the end, we see the whole picture (maybe not everything), in that picture Diana and Adam’s past is part of it, and sadly Serna is too.

At this point, this is my review, if wait much longer I’ll over analyze and it just confuse myself.

If this review doesn’t help you decide to read it, I understand.

If you down for angst, BDSM, and you’re a fan of  C.D Reiss then I think you’ll enjoy it.

Punk 57 by Penelope Douglas

“She can be a nightmare, but this still feels better than any dream.”

Penelope Douglas is my favorite author, she gets away with murder with my pet peeves, and I don’t care, because I LOVE her stories.

So she really stepped out of the box, which I love. I don’t expect a perfect heroine,  and Penelope didn’t write one.

Ryan is a self-centered bullying bitch, and I loved her. I know, I know, hold the phone.

I should hate you

Okay, that Gif was a bit Dramatic

She is a character who I had to grow to love, and that was okay.

Sadly, authors write about heroines who are sweet and relatable, and most times they just come off ass basic and stupid, so it was a good change of pace and a risk on Penelope’s part.

Ryan is popular, and she will do just about anything to stay in power, and she doesn’t care  who she has to step on to get to the top. It’s heartbreaking, and uncomfortable.

So we have a story about a bad boy, and a conceited cheerleader, who have known each other for 7 years but never met. Misha knows who Ryan is and but Ryan doesn’t have a clue that Masen is Misha.

Now, Misha, he’s the bad  boy we love.

“Your dirty little secret who will fuck you in the back of a truck, hiding you so your stuck-up, shallow friends don’t know how good I give it to you?”

God, it’s embarrassing how much Misha turned me on .


 I know there’s something wrong with me, but damn do I love when boys are mean. I really do.

I went into the book blind, and I’m glad I did.

This is a story about two people dealing with shit, the only way they know how.

The Goal (Off-Campus #4) by Elle Kennedy

Quick and to the point review. 

So I rated this 3 stars, and not because of Sabrina.

I’ve seen a lot of reviews about Sabrina, and while I can agree with most of them, I still can’t hate Sabrina. I liked her.

She has issues, which are understandable.

She is stubborn and the Queen of avoidance, but what most readers don’t see is how much she really does love Tucker.

While she may not show it in words, she show it in action.

When she find outs shes pregnant, she’s more worried about how this is going to destroy Tucker’s life. She wants whats best for him, and if that means taking on a load she might not be able to carry then so be it.

When it comes down to it, I don’t think Sabrina knows how to love, because she has never been loved. I think Tucker was the perfect guy for her. She needed someone persistent and patient.

I also think she deserved Tucker.

Now in saying that, I’m not saying it wasn’t frustrating, because it was, i’m just saying I get it.

So I would just like to say Elle Kennedy I get what your putting out.

Tucker was sweet, sexy, and all around a great guy. The author made him perfect.

So why 3 stars?

I don’t think we needed the first half of the book.

I mean some we did, of course, but other parts were just recaps of the last book.

So I would give the first 50% 2 stars and the last 50% 4 stars.

It’s a sexy heartwarming book.



Neighbors (A Twin Estates Novel Book 1) by Stylo Fantome

5 messed up stars 

Like I’m seriously just staring at the book, repeating myself,

Thats messed up



I honestly don’t have words. I don’t know where to start this review.

I may just use Gifs.

So to be honest, I thought this book was going in a entirely different direction. I didn’t see that ending coming, and sure as hell didn’t expect a tear to roll down my cheek.

So since I’m wordless, let me try to explain the reactions using GIFS

In the beginning we meet Liam 



We meet  Wulfric

so this is

Katya is up front with both men, it’s causal, and she spreading her sexual wings, so to speak, or to be blunt, her legs. I fell in love with both of them for different reasons, and I was okay because as I said before I was 99% sure I knew the direction of this book.

Then, I didn’t see where this was going. 


Then the shit hits the fan, and at first I’m like. YES! suspense

Then I’m like WOW, no



Then I was like damn, that’s really messed up…




And then its over


So I’m going to need the next book….. yesterday 

I’m sorry if this review doesn’t make that much sense, but I really don’t know what to say.

I fell in love with 2 men, and I loved Katya. It’s a sexual, emotional, wild ride. I gave it 5 stars because I  felt legit emotions while reading this book.

Lastly for readers who don’t like triangles, read my spoiler and decide.

You can find the spoiler on my goodreads review.

My Review On GoodReads




Retrieval (The Retrieval Duet #1) by Aly Martinez


I thought this was going to me some type of messed up triangle, or something like that, but it wasn’t. Thank God

This was a about a couple who lost each other due to grief, and neither one of them knew how fix it, and they spend 2 years avoiding it….

But when the face each other, it’s explosive.

“I’d never, not once, seen Elisabeth with just my eyes. My heart was just as much a part of the way I viewed her as my retinas.”

Roman and Elisabeth’s love can be felt through the pages, and it was refreshing.


It’s also a story about a mother’s love, and how she will do anything for her child.

So there are flashbacks and 3 different POV’S and while I would usually complain like the picky reader I am, this was done well, and the story needed it.


This book will draw you in till the last page, and I was cheesing at the end, although I wasn’t shocked, I was extremely happy how it ended.

I look forward to next book.