The Hot Shot (Game On #4) by Kristen Callihan ***

Holy toothache that was sweet. 


Like almost too sweet.

I have loved this series since book one, so it was inevitable that I find one that I didn’t  like.


It took me almost a week to read this book, and most of the time I devour a book in a day.

Now before I get into why, this wasn’t a fave. Let me explain why it might be yours. I loved Chess and Finn.

They have an easy banter between them, that kept me engaged and entertained. I loved the way they met. They are also sexy together.

The dirty talk came from Chess which was an interesting take, that I loved.


Finn is adorable, and love sick.

 It’s not that I didn’t like it because I did, I didn’t enjoy it as well as the others.

I was bored, I don’t know why it seemed to drag on for me, it just did.

There was something missing, or maybe it was just too much sweetness.

I’m not sure if this is as a spoiler or not because we all know the couple is going to have some form of fight, but the fight confused me. I read it twice, like what just happened?

Not my favorite, but it may be yours.

Punk 57 by Penelope Douglas

“She can be a nightmare, but this still feels better than any dream.”

Penelope Douglas is my favorite author, she gets away with murder with my pet peeves, and I don’t care, because I LOVE her stories.

So she really stepped out of the box, which I love. I don’t expect a perfect heroine,  and Penelope didn’t write one.

Ryan is a self-centered bullying bitch, and I loved her. I know, I know, hold the phone.

I should hate you

Okay, that Gif was a bit Dramatic

She is a character who I had to grow to love, and that was okay.

Sadly, authors write about heroines who are sweet and relatable, and most times they just come off ass basic and stupid, so it was a good change of pace and a risk on Penelope’s part.

Ryan is popular, and she will do just about anything to stay in power, and she doesn’t care  who she has to step on to get to the top. It’s heartbreaking, and uncomfortable.

So we have a story about a bad boy, and a conceited cheerleader, who have known each other for 7 years but never met. Misha knows who Ryan is and but Ryan doesn’t have a clue that Masen is Misha.

Now, Misha, he’s the bad  boy we love.

“Your dirty little secret who will fuck you in the back of a truck, hiding you so your stuck-up, shallow friends don’t know how good I give it to you?”

God, it’s embarrassing how much Misha turned me on .


 I know there’s something wrong with me, but damn do I love when boys are mean. I really do.

I went into the book blind, and I’m glad I did.

This is a story about two people dealing with shit, the only way they know how.

Tonic by Staci Hart

So this is my first Staci Hart book, and it was pretty good. I love the writing. Joel and Annika are two different people, but yet when they come together it’s perfect.

Not to mention, it’s very sexy.

15 bite

Joel is all heart, and he is sweet. Annika is all ice.

Annika is the producer of a reality show, and it’s her job to cause havoc, so it’s important that she doesn’t get attached.

Well Of course she does, because well…. Joel.

A tatted alpha/teddy bear.

What’s not to love?


Oh, and he has a beard.

So why 3 stars? This is reality tv show, and I guess I wanted a more involved backdrop.

Maybe it was because I’ve already read a book about Reality tv  and it was done very well, so that could be the reason. Although I hate to compare books, I couldn’t help it.

Lastly, it was a bit cheesy for me, but if you follow my reviews, that’s common.

So if you’re looking for a sweet book about a tatted hero, give it a try.

The Goal (Off-Campus #4) by Elle Kennedy

Quick and to the point review. 

So I rated this 3 stars, and not because of Sabrina.

I’ve seen a lot of reviews about Sabrina, and while I can agree with most of them, I still can’t hate Sabrina. I liked her.

She has issues, which are understandable.

She is stubborn and the Queen of avoidance, but what most readers don’t see is how much she really does love Tucker.

While she may not show it in words, she show it in action.

When she find outs shes pregnant, she’s more worried about how this is going to destroy Tucker’s life. She wants whats best for him, and if that means taking on a load she might not be able to carry then so be it.

When it comes down to it, I don’t think Sabrina knows how to love, because she has never been loved. I think Tucker was the perfect guy for her. She needed someone persistent and patient.

I also think she deserved Tucker.

Now in saying that, I’m not saying it wasn’t frustrating, because it was, i’m just saying I get it.

So I would just like to say Elle Kennedy I get what your putting out.

Tucker was sweet, sexy, and all around a great guy. The author made him perfect.

So why 3 stars?

I don’t think we needed the first half of the book.

I mean some we did, of course, but other parts were just recaps of the last book.

So I would give the first 50% 2 stars and the last 50% 4 stars.

It’s a sexy heartwarming book.



Change of Heart (Fostering Love #2) by Nicole Jacquelyn


Am I the only one who pictured Bram with a man bun?


So yesterday, I was having a bad day, and it showed in my review, which ironically didn’t affect the book, or effect the book, I always get those mixed up.

Mood reviews are a thing, I swear.

Anyway, I really liked this book, and that is why I wanted to give it 4 stars but then….. I cried, like an ugly cry.


Since that is rare, I had to bump it up to 5 stars.

In my defense, I was adopted, and I was in the military, so their pain was easily relatable for me.

I loved Ani and Bram, while this could be considered an enemies to lovers book, it is and it isn’t.

There two aren’t really out to hurt each other, I think they just enjoy getting on each others nerves. They genuinely care about each other.

This is a sexy heart-filled book about family, loss, and chasing your dreams.

That line was a little cliche….. but it is what is is.

I really enjoyed the banter. I don’t think  I have anything really bad to say about this book, the only thing that bothered me, is I got lost with the family members.

I read the first book, and I was still lost. They have a huge family.










Can’t Touch This by Tess Hunter, Pepper Winters

Light, Funny, & Sexy 

So being that I’m a Pepper Winters fan, I couldn’t pass this book up.  I have not started Pennies yet, because I remember the wait while reading the indebted series and I want to wait till more books come out.

So my feelings of this book in one Gif.


It was over the top sweet, like way too sweet for my taste, but it was funny. This is the book you read after you read her darker books.

Vesper is a Veterinarian and Ryder is dog rescuer, and they are perfect for each other. It takes you back to when you first fell in love, and berated yourself for a stupid text, or an awkward comment. It reminds you of the little insecurities you had when you someone didn’t  call you back.



Haha, I’m kidding. If you want a good laugh, and some annoying butterflies this is a great book for you. I enjoyed it.

Melody’s Key by Dallas Coryell

ARCI was genuinely surprised, the writing was beautiful, and the love letters…


This book is going to make you feel good, and  your going to laugh.


Mason is a pop star who feels trapped. He has some hard decisions to make and  came to Tegan’s family’s estate to consider his options. Now I loved Mason, but who doesn’t love a misunderstood rock star?

Tagan sees him as a egoistical typical pop star, and she jumps to all sorts of conclusions about him.

I had a hard time liking Tagan to be honest, but she did grow on me.


All in all it was a good book, it was a beautiful love story.  We get to feel  Tagan and Mason fall in love, and watch them grow.

Why 3 stars?

The writing style was a little too descriptive. It was a long a book.

I had a hard time connecting to Tagan. She was judgmental, hot headed, and well a little too perfect.

Now in saying that, I rate on enjoyment, Long descriptive books are not my thing, and overly sweet books are not thing. But if you enjoy books such as this then read it.


I look forward to more from this author