Torrid (Sordid #2) by Nikki Sloane

Nikki Sloane can write. Now before I do my review, just let say, that this is nothing like Sordid, which isn’t a bad thing. For some, it may even be a good thing. While I loved Sordid, and it’s questionable morals, some didn’t. Which is understandable.

So if your steering clear due to the first, no worries, this one is dark, but not dubious consent dark.


I genuinely liked Oksana, while she was in over her head, she still held her own.

“I might not outsmart the devil, but I was willing to deal with him.”

Everyone has a agenda, including Oksana. She is betraying everyone while trying to make an ally, and keep herself alive.

It’s tricky, and a satisfying plot.

Vasilije is a great anti-hero, he’s cold, ruthless, and bit selfish, but he also has some redeeming qualities, which makes for a believable romance.

It was sexy and suspenseful.

Why 4 stars? It was a bit repetitive at times.


Tormentor Mine (Tormentor Mine #1) by Anna Zaires & Dima Zales

“There is no beauty without ugliness, just as there’s no happiness without sorrow. We live in a world of contrasts, not absolutes.”

I love this author writing, I devoured this book. Usually, too much inner dialogue drives me crazy, but it worked.

It all worked for me.

Peter is the best kind of Anti-hero, his obsession is downright romantic.

“I want her. It’s completely irrational, and wrong on so many levels, but I want her.”

I like how one minute I’m rooting for Sara, and the next I’m happy she got caught.

I liked Sara she was strong and smart. She knew she had no options, and she did what she had to do.

I think all dark readers will love this book, even those who aren’t will probably enjoy this on some level.

Good stuff.

Venom & Ecstasy (Venom #2) by S. Williams, Shanora Williams

The first half of this book was almost too sweet for me, and it fell flat. Thankfully it did pick up. This wasn’t as sexy as the first one. I still liked it, but I can’t pinpoint where it lost stars, I really did expect more from Draco.


This book is about Gianna’s road to discovery and healing. We get a lot of answers about   Draco. While I expected more from Draco, I was even more disappointed in Gianna. She was supposed to be this strong vengeful queen. She kind of just fell in line, I mean she did act out, but not for the right reasons?

As a dark reader, I expect the heroine to fuck up, I almost look forward to it.

spankdon't make that face

Gianna really took to getting in trouble to a whole new level, and it kinda of set the rest of book, leaving us with a broken heart at the end.

I loved the writing, but I hated the way it ended, but I look forward to the next book.

Passion & Venom (Venom #1) by Shanora Williams

**Trigger Warning**

I have never heard of this author, and its a damn shame because I loved this book. From my understanding dark isn’t her go too, but damn did she rock it.


Gianna, I loved her, like girl crushed loved her. She kept her wits, she was strong, and she used her head. Her husband is murdered, she is kidnapped, and is held captive waiting for the boss to show up.

The boss being Draco. He is ruthless, dominant, evil, and down right sexy.


Like I don’t even feel bad. Like the author can write a sex scene.

“You want to hate me, but I know you want my cock just as badly as I was your pussy, Gianna”

Draco demands obedience, and to be honest, as a dark reader lover,  I don’t think he was that bad to Gianna, I mean besides killing her husband.



To my dark readers, I think you will enjoy this.

The biggest question when going into a dark read, is the anti hero redeemable,

My answer would be yes.

Lastly, Shanora Williams, I need the next book. Please


Pennies (Dollar #1) by Pepper Winters

This book, as always Pepper Winters will suck you in, and not let you out, till she’s good and ready.

The reader is  thrown right into the story, which I loved.

We meet Elder first, he’s is doing a deal  with “Master A”.  That’s when he meets Pimlico, Master A’s slave.

Pimlico is mute, but by choice. Her silence is her way of rebellion, which she has done for 2 years. It is also her way of staying sane.

Elder comes in, and wants her secrets, wants her voice, but he also wants a taste.


He’s drawn to her, he wants what he wants, and as a thief, he has not problem stealing it.

“A penny for your thoughts, silent one. Perhaps, today you’ll speak.”

The funny thing is, her silence is  what kept me on the edge of my seat. Will she give in?

I part of me wanted her to give in, but her voice was the only thing she had control of.

Pim is stubborn, and I’m not sure if that was her strength or her weakness.

Overall is was a intense book, which I expected nothing less from Pepper.

I just hate that I have to wait so long for the next book, and I promised myself I wouldn’t read this till the 2nd came out, but I’m a glutton for punishment.





Ghost (Boston Underworld #3) by A. Zavarelli

So if you don’t know this already, let me tell you. I love a broken hero, almost as much as an anti hero, and I got the best of both worlds in Ghost.

14 in love

I can’t even put into words how much I freaking loved this book.

I felt pain, like I almost cried. almost

I don’t cry, There have been few books that have caused me to tear up. I must me a masochist, and Zavarelli is the sadist, because I loved it.

I know I know you get it , I loved the book. While the first part is sad, I was worried that Talia wouldn’t pull through. Now don’t get me wrong, its understandable. On that note there may be triggers for some.

This book has just the right amount of angst, It wasn’t overwhelming. It was just enough to pull at my heart strings, but not too much where I’m rolling my eyes.

When the heroine/or hero as already been through so much, we as the reader want the to see them happy. We want to see things go right for them. Ghost had the perfect balance.

Now don’t get me wrong Alexei does become an ass, and while some would ask if he’s redeemable. His groveling level was low, but I think what he went through may have been enough.

“I want you to know the level of my devotion to you,” he states. “I don’t ever want you to question it. The things I have and will continue to do to protect you. To avenge you. They are dark things. But that darkness is my burden to carry, and it always will be.”


I don’t know  what else to say, but I know i’ll forward to Zavarelli books, I love her writing style.



El Diablo (The Devil #1) by M. Robinson

So about 39% of the book, I was like I can’t go on…..but it did kick back up. So keep on keeping on.

We go through years and years through Alejandro life,  we meet him as just a teen boy. While I usually lose interest in books such as this, the author kept it engaging.

This book is almost depressing, Lexi enters later in the book, and she  brings light to the book, just like she brings light to Alejandro’s life.

This was my Lexi.  I had mad respect for her.



It’s hard to review this book because there is a lot that happens, and it just one of those books that you have to hang on for the ride.

You know how some authors will start a book, and say I’m bad man, or  I’m evil, well  Alejandro really is. He’s the Devil.

At 89% I was livid. Just when  I didn’t think it could get worse……

wow huh


The ending wasn’t a shock for me, the author left clues and I picked up on them. I was no doubt shocked by the delivery of the truth….again…. #savage

Now I was going to give this book 4 stars, because of the time the characters wasted, but I just couldn’t, the author wrote a long ass book, and I couldn’t put it down. She was able to create a character who I loved, but also wanted to kill.

I hate you but


Some will not like this book, Alejandro is going to break your heart, by doing BIG NO NO’s in the romance genre.

Read at your own risk.

Do I think Alejandro was redeemable at the end?

Yes and no

I will admit I was still on the fence.