Where Good Girls Go to Die (Good Girls #1) by Holly Renee

This is one of those books, that the blurb told me I was going to love it, and well…..


I was in a horrible book slump, so I tried the whole cheating thing. Sometimes I venture out.

Now the cheating didn’t bother me. 

I originally gave this 3 stars, but now I that I’m trying to write a review, I can’t think of anything nice to say…..


If you don’t have anything nice to say……

Why was she a stripper?

Neighbors (A Twin Estates Novel Book 1) by Stylo Fantome

5 messed up stars 

Like I’m seriously just staring at the book, repeating myself,

Thats messed up



I honestly don’t have words. I don’t know where to start this review.

I may just use Gifs.

So to be honest, I thought this book was going in a entirely different direction. I didn’t see that ending coming, and sure as hell didn’t expect a tear to roll down my cheek.

So since I’m wordless, let me try to explain the reactions using GIFS

In the beginning we meet Liam 



We meet  Wulfric

so this is

Katya is up front with both men, it’s causal, and she spreading her sexual wings, so to speak, or to be blunt, her legs. I fell in love with both of them for different reasons, and I was okay because as I said before I was 99% sure I knew the direction of this book.

Then, I didn’t see where this was going. 


Then the shit hits the fan, and at first I’m like. YES! suspense

Then I’m like WOW, no



Then I was like damn, that’s really messed up…




And then its over


So I’m going to need the next book….. yesterday 

I’m sorry if this review doesn’t make that much sense, but I really don’t know what to say.

I fell in love with 2 men, and I loved Katya. It’s a sexual, emotional, wild ride. I gave it 5 stars because I  felt legit emotions while reading this book.

Lastly for readers who don’t like triangles, read my spoiler and decide.

You can find the spoiler on my goodreads review.

My Review On GoodReads




Break Even by Lisa De Jong

5 STARS I survived reading a Love Triangle. 

I Don’t read about cheating, it’s a sore subject for me, but damn this book had be rooting for Marley and River. you get it girl

I put myself in Marley shoes, and from where I was standing I couldn’t even be mad at her decisions.

I had mixed feeling about  Cole ( her husband)


Marley was stuck in a loveless marriage. She thought she had it all, and over the last year she didn’t feel she had anything. She was following her husbands dream and not hers. Her husband was gone, a lot. He didn’t call or text. There was no communication. Marley tried but her efforts went unnoticed.

The reader has there suspicions about Cole. There was nothing pointing to him doing anything wrong. He was just a busy husband. Then the reader feels the guilt, because we all want her to get down with River.

17 slut

River is sex on a stick. I fell in love with River.  River makes this book scorching.

Why mouth

This a roller coaster, a real book experience. At one point I was so angry, I was sweating. Read it, it’s not what you think , ITS BETTER