Where Good Girls Go to Die (Good Girls #1) by Holly Renee

This is one of those books, that the blurb told me I was going to love it, and well…..


I was in a horrible book slump, so I tried the whole cheating thing. Sometimes I venture out.

Now the cheating didn’t bother me. 

I originally gave this 3 stars, but now I that I’m trying to write a review, I can’t think of anything nice to say…..


If you don’t have anything nice to say……

Why was she a stripper?

Bound by Vengeance (Born in Blood Mafia Chronicles #5) by Cora Reilly

2.5 No connection Stars

So it looks like I may be the odd one out, but I was disappointed. fail

If I remember correctly, I didn’t really love the last book either, maybe the series is just over for me. I don’t know.

I’ve also been a bit of a book funk, my next read shelf is full of books that I own, but I haven’t been able to get into.

Growl ( hate that name), is the top hit man. Her feared, but not so much respected. He is known as the bastard child, well just bastard. There was something  endearing about him. While he was a “monster”, I wanted to hug him and show him some love.

Now Cara, she over thought everything, and I mean everything. I always have a problem with woman who bodies respond, but the mind doesn’t. Maybe because as a woman, if my brain isn’t in it, nothing is happening.


Anyway, she spent most of the book caring what over people thought. Like really? None of those people cared about you, or helped you when life turned to shit.

Between Ms high and mighty, and Growl’s self loathing I didn’t feel a connection.

I mean maybe I’m being picky or harsh, but damn that woman. Lastly, what was with that ending?

I rounded to 3 stars because at least I finished this one. Sadly, it may just be time for me to give up on this series.

Playing with Monsters (Playing With Monsters #1) by Amelia Hutchins

*Trigger Warning* 

I can see why this  book is highly rated, and get why some didn’t like it. I’m stuck in between. This seems to be happening to me a lot, it really makes me want to come up with my own rating system.

So let’s start with why this book was really good. The writing, while it was too descriptive, it was addictive, like I had to know what would happen next. I may have skimmed the color of the curtains.

The sex, yes this is always part of my review, because well

17 slut

Anyway, Amelia can write a damn steamy scene.

The book is unique and we see definite character growth….

The reasons above are why I could easily rate this book 5 stars.

Now why I could rate it 2 stars with no qualms.

Lena, she’s hard to describe.


I see Lena walking and getting hit by rocket ships to the face, and she ignores them. Like she has so much information at her disposal, and  yet ignores all of it. Like pull up your pants, and pay attention to what the hell is going on around you.

The ending was a cliffhanger, which honestly I don’t mind, but this one bothered me.

11 need some more

Nothing was resolved, nothing was wrapped up, the reader is left with so many questions.

Not the good  questions  like “I’m so mindfucked”, more like the author didn’t finish the book.


Ordinarily, a cliffhanger would solve the problem in the first book, which would be Katrina, and then at the end, a new problem arose.

I’m not an author, but the way this was done, just makes is seem like it’s incomplete.

So while I can give this book 5 stars for smut, I can’t give it stars for quality.

So in end, I just wanted  Lena to look into her nightmares, ask questions, do research.

I wanted Ben’s role explained.

Lastly, Lucien should have explained what was going on, I mean come on?  He’s saving the world, I’m sure Lena would understand.


I probably won’t read the next book.

The Problem with Forever by Jennifer L. Armentrout

I would never tell or encourage a person not to read a book , what bothered me, may not bother you. 

So I was reading another book, and a friend I used to work with asked if I would read this with her, seeing how my book fund is low until Friday, I reluctantly  said yes.


Having an addiction to reading is expensive. #thestruggleisreal.

In saying that,  I found this book more disappointing then I would a KU book.

So before I go into why I didn’t enjoy this book, let me start with what I did like.

  • Ryder blushes, while I never thought I find that endearing, I did
  • Mallory and Ryder’s first date
  • My favorite commercial was mentioned.




Let me start by saying  I HATE too much inner dialogue, I end up looking like


I knew this was going to happen because Mallory doesn’t speak a lot. It just felt like this book could of had less ramblings.

So to insert a pun here because I can’t resist, The problem with forever, is that it took forever. LOL



Sooo how do I say this, without sounding like an insensitive twat?

Mallory had a very tough childhood, and it makes it hard for her to use her words. She was taught a young age to always be quiet. While I understand, the stutter was tiresome, she even stuttered in her inter dialogue, I noticed even other characters started to stutter.

Now in saying that, I don’t have a problem with a person who stutters,

but when writing a a book … …. …. …. …. it….is ….hard…… to…… keep……reading…….. when….there…..is ……..all…. this… going… on

I’m not sure how this could have been avoided, but I loathed it.

Paige…. See, I could never be mad at Paige, because well, she’s not wrong. If Rider was my boyfriend, I would have been the Paige in this story. I was more interested in Paige then, I was Mallory.

All in all, as a whole this book  was just a little too much for my taste, and this is why I avoid YA





Call Me by Gillian Jones

Unpopular review ALERT


I Will never discourage anyone from reading a book, My peeves are my own. So while this wasn’t for me, please decide for yourself.

Ellie is a bit perfect. She probably every star wars fan fantasy girl.  As Ace would say Manfanning.

She has a injury lost her scholarship, and gets as a job doing phone sex to pay her way.

Ace is a teacher, Ellie’s teacher, and he doing a project on the sex trade.

If your a star wars fan, and a movie buff you may really like this book.

So if you do not want to read my negative thoughts on the book do not continue.


I feel that was enough space.

The author has a teacher/student romance on lock on this one, but she doesn’t throw these two together. There is more inner dialogue then actual conversation.

The author used 3 pages to describe Ace, Now i’m all about the description of the hero, preferably naked, but 3 pages was a bit excessive.

Now that is when I was like, I need to put the book down, I know it’s not for me, but I needed to get to the phone sex part, because well

17 slut

So I pushed on.

Now the phone sex was somewhat hot, and some were


Lol, I’ve always wanted to use this gif,

So the book really centers around her job, and Ace is kinda just put on the back burner.

I just don’t understand why we couldn’t have both.

Around 70% of the book, they start dating, in which we don’t get to witness.

Just recaps and flashbacks or their time together. They keep sex out of the equation because well he’s a teacher, and she is a student.

They date  awhile… I think, it’s hard to tell, but I’m assuming long enough that her job should have came up. If it did come up, the reader was not privy to it.

Lastly, why did she feel bad and guilty about her job? When she was just doing her job….


All in all,  I expected more, and I was disappointed.




Mastered by the Maestro: an alpha billionaire musician romance by Dita Selby

⇐ARC kindly provided by author for honest review⇒

Evie gets to work with Lorenzo, who she idolizes. They have a mutual attraction. He wants her she wants him. Lorenzo finds out something about her and can’t bring himself you let himself have her. Evie doesn’t give up, she’s going to get Lorenzo. I loved the sexual tension.

This a steamy book, with heat. We have all kind of forbidden aspects such as age gap, teacher/student.

hot 12

Evie is sweet and inexperienced, but she knows what she wants.

Lorenzo is dominate.

Why 2 stars?

There was too much head space.

Secondly, there was way to many explanation marks.

If you want sexy bed time story, give it a try