The Trouble with Twelfth Grave (Charley Davidson #12) by Darynda Jones


4.5 Stars

Can I just say this is the best paranormal series out there? I mean that just my opinion. It sexy, funny, and action-packed. The sarcasm speaks to my soul. I mean why are you reading my review, when you could be reading this goodness.

This is the best

Stop reading this review, and go pick of the first book, or if you’re invested, read this one. I’m kidding. Kinda of. Anyway, I was stoked when I got this ARC I wasn’t expecting it. I may have peed a little when I found it on NetGalley, because Daryana Jones. yayayaIf you remember from the last book Reyes goes dark, or feral. So he’s back to the mysterious asshole that we fell in love with before. Charley is still scattered brain and solving cases. I was worried that we wouldn’t get much Reyes in this book due to the ending of the last book, but my fears were unfounded. He was very much a part of this book, and let me say he was sexier than ever.


I don’t know what it is about anti-heroes, but they do it for me. We have a lot of mystery, sexy times, and even some sad moments. Some books in this series I love and some I just like, but this one I really liked. I felt a little blindsided by the ending, and I can say that I wasn’t prepared to get the feels. Of course, this ends on a cliffhanger that has me begging for more, let just hope I don’t have to beg for long.



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