Ruthless King (Mount Trilogy #1) by Meghan March


After proofreading my review I realized I was kind of tearing it apart so I will say this before you read the rest. It was a good book, and I did like it. It was sexy and kept me interested. This may be a 5 star read for some, but I over analyze everything. So if your hopeful about this book, and you don’t want to overthink everything, then don’t read below. weird

So I was super excited for this book because I love me a good dark read. Can I say this wasn’t that dark for me, even when blackmail was involved?

Maybe it was because I never saw  Lachlan get his hands dirty. I mean it was implied but, it leaves too much room to think he’s just misunderstood. I mean we hear he’s bad, were told by everyone, but it doesn’t invoke fear. You know?  I mean take Nero from Kill Me by L.P. Lovell, that man is evil. Like there’s not if and buts about it. Sorry comparing books is probably a party foul.


What was up with the bodyguard carrying Keira? Okay maybe he’s not a bodyguard, but he’s on Lachlan payroll. It was still weird. I just think this could have been done differently IMO. Lachlan is portrayed a certain way, and he doesn’t take me as a man who let his henchmen carry his “possession” around.


There was so much mystery around Lachlan, that I didn’t feel connected to him. He has his own POV and I still didn’t get is gait. I mean I  get how he saw Keira but, not who he was. This kind of makes my earlier statement not make sense. ” He doesn’t seem like a man who….  and here I am saying I don’t know him. LOL. I mean did up pick up some things, just not all of it.

Maybe if we had the flashback of the night with her deceased husband as a prelude, it would have made the book more enjoyable, like the reader had this secret. I don’t know. Something was missing, and maybe it was just simply the development of the characters.

I will move on to the next because I’m curious.


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