The Vixen’s Lead (Kit Davenport, #1) by Tate James

I don’t really know how to review this book. I hate how indecisive I am sometimes. Like why can’t I just read a book and know this is the best book ever or this is the worst book ever.


So be warned this review will probably make zero sense unless you read it lol.

The multiple relationship “thing” honestly doesn’t bother me especially given Kit’s age. I think the fact that I couldn’t choose either was a factor, which going by the hashtag #whychoose I’m assuming that was done on purpose.

At first, I didn’t feel like Kit was reacting “appropriately” to what was going on in her life.

Which in turn made me not like Kit all that much, that’s probably irrational lol.

It wasn’t as if she knew something we didn’t know, but come to find out later in the book she actually did know something that we didn’t know. So I guess it was okay? LOL


I think each of the men in this book represents something to her. My theory is she’ll probably fall in love with Austin. Of course, I might be wrong because well…River.


I’m not sure if I can label this a romance or fit into a neat box which is why I enjoyed it so much despite how juvenile I thought the heroine was.

So I guess at the end of the day it was a compelling fast-paced sexy read.

Ugh sometimes reviewing is impossible. I’m going with 4 stars.

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