On a Tuesday (One Week #1) by Whitney G


Charlotte and Grayson were adorable in this book, and I liked it.

One thing I can say I love about Whitney she writes some amazing heroes. I loved Grayson. I swear I could visualize his smile.


Charlotte was pretty cool too, I don’t know why men always go for the blushing girl that doesn’t want them. Maybe that’s why I wasn’t always lucky in love LOL.

I don’t blush and LORD KNOWS, I wasn’t virgin in college, oh and I don’t play hard to get. I’m more of a go-getter. Retraining order or not. <—- Joke….. Kind of.


Anyways, I love the idea that this series will be based on Adelle songs. I think most women can relate to Adelle’s music. I relate to Hello and Someone like you. I cried and drink Jagermeister to those songs.


The best thing? I didn’t remember anything in the morning.

The ending was rushed, and I don’t feel like I had closure. I mean 7 years? That needs some serious revenge.

All and all, I liked it and look forward to more Adelle’s songs turned romance story.


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