Touched by Death by T.L. Martin

I didn’t read this “Today”, but during the hurricane, and to be honest I read so many books that I don’t know what day I read it.

First and foremost, I feel bad coming in here with my 3-star rating, because holy crap there is a lot of 5-star ratings, even on Amazon…..


Now before I spout off about why it lost those 2 stars, let me say I did love the plot even if it was a bit flawed.  It was unusual.  Lou almost dies but someone saves her, well not just someone. Death.  Now they have a connection, and death can’t stay away.

I liked the world she created, ” The other side” so to speak.

That above is why this book got 3 solid stars.

Now while I said I liked the plot, I don’t feel all my questions were answered by the end of the book. I mean I understand that dude is stuck in between, but how did he get the job of death?  Was there a job interview?

The way the book explains it, it just happens naturally? I need more than that.


This is an important part of the story IMO.

Anywho, ex-boyfriend and all that inner dialogue were not needed. I know that sounds harsh, but it provided more filler than plot development.

What I wanted was more time with Mr. Blackwood, honestly, he was the most interesting person in this book. He was also the key to everything. He should have been the main focus.

Lastly, this is a spoiler so run NOW!!! RUN


Everyone is saying they loved the ending, and I’m over here like THAT’S IT? 

When was this Enzo born? 1900? I can’t remember, but he would be like 70 if he was alive the whole time.

So now he’s back and he’s 27. He has a death certificate. In other words, he has no identity. No one asked questions about that? Oh, that’s Enzo……. Yeah and he should be 70, not 27.



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