Three is a War (Tangled Lies #3) by Pam Godwin

So it comes down to Trace or Cole, That’s why we’re here because Danni couldn’t make her decision.

Even know I was screaming Trace the whole time! Geez, Danni…


I’m kidding but here are my Trace and Cole.



This was a tough book to get through, and not because it was an emotional mess, but because I wanted to skip to the damn ending.

I’m not a patient reader, I don’t like to suffer. I need answers now. Lo and behold I didn’t read ahead. I stuck it through, and it was worth it.


I screamed, cried (only a little), over analyzed everything ( even the damn art at the top of each chapter.) I thought I had it figured out by 100, doubted myself on page 160, and so on and so forth. Come to find out I didn’t no shit. tenor1

Haha! Sorry Game of Thrones reference.

I was like a damn investigator of Danni’s emotions.

I loved how she put both men on the same playing field. So at the end of the day, it didn’t come down to money, job, or looks. It came don’t how Cole/Trace made her feel.

But I can say by the ending, I feel no matter who you wanted whether it was #Teamtorn #TeamCole or #TeamChase, you can be satisfied with this book.

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