Two is a Lie (Tangled Lies #2) by Pam Godwin

I finished this last night and I didn’t do a review because I knew I was spoiler mode. I wanted to break everything down, so everyone knew that Trace is the love of Danni’s my life.


I can admit, I didn’t love Danni’ as much in this one, and it’s probably because I wanted her to have more time with Trace. It seems we got Trace in the last book, so this one is more about meeting Cole.

Now Cole is sexy, and poetic almost. He’s is determined to win Danni, and he isn’t pulling any punches. Seduction is his middle, name. That water scene…


Trace seems to handle everything fine with his calm exterior, but every man has his breaking point. I think that’s what I loved the most about Trace, was he was human. Human may not be the right word, maybe relatable?

There now doubt in my mind who’s team I’m on, but I don’t watch the bachelor for a reason lol.


The angst is high, the sex is hot, and the love is strong.

It comes down to what Danni wants, not what I want lol.


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