The Goal (Off-Campus #4) by Elle Kennedy

Quick and to the point review. 

So I rated this 3 stars, and not because of Sabrina.

I’ve seen a lot of reviews about Sabrina, and while I can agree with most of them, I still can’t hate Sabrina. I liked her.

She has issues, which are understandable.

She is stubborn and the Queen of avoidance, but what most readers don’t see is how much she really does love Tucker.

While she may not show it in words, she show it in action.

When she find outs shes pregnant, she’s more worried about how this is going to destroy Tucker’s life. She wants whats best for him, and if that means taking on a load she might not be able to carry then so be it.

When it comes down to it, I don’t think Sabrina knows how to love, because she has never been loved. I think Tucker was the perfect guy for her. She needed someone persistent and patient.

I also think she deserved Tucker.

Now in saying that, I’m not saying it wasn’t frustrating, because it was, i’m just saying I get it.

So I would just like to say Elle Kennedy I get what your putting out.

Tucker was sweet, sexy, and all around a great guy. The author made him perfect.

So why 3 stars?

I don’t think we needed the first half of the book.

I mean some we did, of course, but other parts were just recaps of the last book.

So I would give the first 50% 2 stars and the last 50% 4 stars.

It’s a sexy heartwarming book.




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