Passion & Venom (Venom #1) by Shanora Williams

**Trigger Warning**

I have never heard of this author, and its a damn shame because I loved this book. From my understanding dark isn’t her go too, but damn did she rock it.


Gianna, I loved her, like girl crushed loved her. She kept her wits, she was strong, and she used her head. Her husband is murdered, she is kidnapped, and is held captive waiting for the boss to show up.

The boss being Draco. He is ruthless, dominant, evil, and down right sexy.


Like I don’t even feel bad. Like the author can write a sex scene.

“You want to hate me, but I know you want my cock just as badly as I was your pussy, Gianna”

Draco demands obedience, and to be honest, as a dark reader lover,  I don’t think he was that bad to Gianna, I mean besides killing her husband.



To my dark readers, I think you will enjoy this.

The biggest question when going into a dark read, is the anti hero redeemable,

My answer would be yes.

Lastly, Shanora Williams, I need the next book. Please



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