The Problem with Forever by Jennifer L. Armentrout

I would never tell or encourage a person not to read a book , what bothered me, may not bother you. 

So I was reading another book, and a friend I used to work with asked if I would read this with her, seeing how my book fund is low until Friday, I reluctantly  said yes.


Having an addiction to reading is expensive. #thestruggleisreal.

In saying that,  I found this book more disappointing then I would a KU book.

So before I go into why I didn’t enjoy this book, let me start with what I did like.

  • Ryder blushes, while I never thought I find that endearing, I did
  • Mallory and Ryder’s first date
  • My favorite commercial was mentioned.




Let me start by saying  I HATE too much inner dialogue, I end up looking like


I knew this was going to happen because Mallory doesn’t speak a lot. It just felt like this book could of had less ramblings.

So to insert a pun here because I can’t resist, The problem with forever, is that it took forever. LOL



Sooo how do I say this, without sounding like an insensitive twat?

Mallory had a very tough childhood, and it makes it hard for her to use her words. She was taught a young age to always be quiet. While I understand, the stutter was tiresome, she even stuttered in her inter dialogue, I noticed even other characters started to stutter.

Now in saying that, I don’t have a problem with a person who stutters,

but when writing a a book … …. …. …. …. it….is ….hard…… to…… keep……reading…….. when….there… ……..all…. this… going… on

I’m not sure how this could have been avoided, but I loathed it.

Paige…. See, I could never be mad at Paige, because well, she’s not wrong. If Rider was my boyfriend, I would have been the Paige in this story. I was more interested in Paige then, I was Mallory.

All in all, as a whole this book  was just a little too much for my taste, and this is why I avoid YA






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