Call Me by Gillian Jones

Unpopular review ALERT


I Will never discourage anyone from reading a book, My peeves are my own. So while this wasn’t for me, please decide for yourself.

Ellie is a bit perfect. She probably every star wars fan fantasy girl.  As Ace would say Manfanning.

She has a injury lost her scholarship, and gets as a job doing phone sex to pay her way.

Ace is a teacher, Ellie’s teacher, and he doing a project on the sex trade.

If your a star wars fan, and a movie buff you may really like this book.

So if you do not want to read my negative thoughts on the book do not continue.


I feel that was enough space.

The author has a teacher/student romance on lock on this one, but she doesn’t throw these two together. There is more inner dialogue then actual conversation.

The author used 3 pages to describe Ace, Now i’m all about the description of the hero, preferably naked, but 3 pages was a bit excessive.

Now that is when I was like, I need to put the book down, I know it’s not for me, but I needed to get to the phone sex part, because well

17 slut

So I pushed on.

Now the phone sex was somewhat hot, and some were


Lol, I’ve always wanted to use this gif,

So the book really centers around her job, and Ace is kinda just put on the back burner.

I just don’t understand why we couldn’t have both.

Around 70% of the book, they start dating, in which we don’t get to witness.

Just recaps and flashbacks or their time together. They keep sex out of the equation because well he’s a teacher, and she is a student.

They date  awhile… I think, it’s hard to tell, but I’m assuming long enough that her job should have came up. If it did come up, the reader was not privy to it.

Lastly, why did she feel bad and guilty about her job? When she was just doing her job….


All in all,  I expected more, and I was disappointed.





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