Change of Heart (Fostering Love #2) by Nicole Jacquelyn


Am I the only one who pictured Bram with a man bun?


So yesterday, I was having a bad day, and it showed in my review, which ironically didn’t affect the book, or effect the book, I always get those mixed up.

Mood reviews are a thing, I swear.

Anyway, I really liked this book, and that is why I wanted to give it 4 stars but then….. I cried, like an ugly cry.


Since that is rare, I had to bump it up to 5 stars.

In my defense, I was adopted, and I was in the military, so their pain was easily relatable for me.

I loved Ani and Bram, while this could be considered an enemies to lovers book, it is and it isn’t.

There two aren’t really out to hurt each other, I think they just enjoy getting on each others nerves. They genuinely care about each other.

This is a sexy heart-filled book about family, loss, and chasing your dreams.

That line was a little cliche….. but it is what is is.

I really enjoyed the banter. I don’t think  I have anything really bad to say about this book, the only thing that bothered me, is I got lost with the family members.

I read the first book, and I was still lost. They have a huge family.











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