Can’t Touch This by Tess Hunter, Pepper Winters

Light, Funny, & Sexy 

So being that I’m a Pepper Winters fan, I couldn’t pass this book up.  I have not started Pennies yet, because I remember the wait while reading the indebted series and I want to wait till more books come out.

So my feelings of this book in one Gif.


It was over the top sweet, like way too sweet for my taste, but it was funny. This is the book you read after you read her darker books.

Vesper is a Veterinarian and Ryder is dog rescuer, and they are perfect for each other. It takes you back to when you first fell in love, and berated yourself for a stupid text, or an awkward comment. It reminds you of the little insecurities you had when you someone didn’t  call you back.



Haha, I’m kidding. If you want a good laugh, and some annoying butterflies this is a great book for you. I enjoyed it.


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