Turbulence by Whitney G.

When I was going through books on my TBR, deleting book that I sampled, or some I just didn’t finish, and this book was just sitting there. I added this book last year, and I was under the impression that  I would never get to read it, and here it is, live on Amazon.

To say I was excited, is a understatement. I didn’t read it right it away because well, when I get super hyped about a book, I sometimes end up disappointed. I know that sounds crazy… but


So enough about me, I really liked this book, it would have been a 5 star rating, if the ending wasn’t so rushed. Like I want a epilogue!

There were twist in turns, that I didn’t see coming.

The book is sexy, funny, and witty. When she gives the tour of the apartment. I was embarrassed for her


Even my BF (who kindly tunes me out, when I tell him about books) wanted to know what was going to happen next.

So Jake is a no commitment dude.

He’s not looking for love, conversations, or even a hello. He wants one thing.


Basically he’s commitment handicapped.

Gillian, is a relationship kind of girl, who is going to try her hand at the no strings attached shenanigans.

So of course someone catches feeling, and the other in denial.

I love his trope almost as much as I love enemies to lovers.

While this was a good book, I just wish  there was more dialogue between the characters, and an epilogue. 

all about the fairytale

If you like a cocky hero, some heated sex scenes, and some back  and forth nonsense , you will enjoy this book. Goodreads



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