Torn by Jennifer L. Armentrout

So I have mixed feelings about Torn. The first 35 % of the book was sluggish. I had to fight to keep reading.

The first book I took my child to school in my PJ’s and rocking the bird nest bun, because I couldn’t put it down the night before.

This one, I cleaned my house……


It did pick up around 50% okay maybe before that but I was like halfway through the book, and when it did. It was good.

I loved Tink.

The prince was a convincing psychopath so that’s always a plus.

Now what I didn’t like.  Ivy? Like what were you thinking.



The smart bad ass chick in book one would have been I don’t know…. Smarter. Its like you wanted the prince to come swoop in on you.

I know for the plot to work, she would  eventually been taken by the prince, but you didn’t think…..

There is more but I’m not going to spoil it or put it down, because I did get sucked in eventually, just took a bit.

If your invested in this series, I would say read it. I was disappointed. Not so much by the story itself, but how the characters changed in this book. Expect Tink, he was awesome.

While I was a disappointed with Ivy, I still love her.

He turned his head in my direction and smiled. My stomach flipped, and not in a good way. “I didn’t give you permission either.”
I spread my arms wide. “Look at all the fucks I have to give. I give zero. Zero fucks.”


What the hell 2017! ?


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