A Ruthless Proposition by Natasha Anders

So, this book was blowing my goodreads up, so I took the plunge.

At first, I didn’t know if I was going to finish this book because it was a bit long winded to begin with. I’m an inpatient reader. Give me convo and give me the hero fast!


I worked through it because of the author. I was disappointed, but not how you think.

Now we all know I love an asshole, but Dante takes Asshole to new heights. He even hurt my feelings.  I felt embarrassed, and just sad.


I kicked a flower pot over after reading one part. My poor flower :(.

I can’t even bag the book because,  face it, if a book can bring those emotions out that is damn good writing. I just hated feeling like that. I needed a drink and for my boyfriend to tell I was loved after this book.

giphy (1)

Cleo is a sweet girl, she lost her dream to be a dancer and she can’t let go. Her brother finds a job with Dante.

Dante is a Dick, he doesn’t trust anyone, he’s selfish, and just Ruthless

One night in Japan Dante and Cleo have sex, and they continue to do the dirty the whole time in Japan.

That week in Japan will change their lives forever, well at least it changes Cleo’s.

This is a story about fate, and how it finds a way to bring two unlikely people together.

There was touchy subject for me and I cried like a bitch, like I had to stop reading to purge cry.

Not fair

The only reason was disappointed in this book is because at the end, I was still unsure. I wanted more groveling. GET ON YOUR KNEES AND KISS HER FEET GROVEL.

If you want a book that brings out a shit load of emotions, take a chance.





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