Clubwhore (Devil’s Renegade MC #1) By Kim Jones


This book was awesome.

Delilah is a “Clubwhore” and she loves her job.

“This book is dedicated to:
Truth is, you’re smarter than most women. You get paid for sex, while the rest of us have been giving it away for years. So hats off to you, promiscuous women—you’ve figured it out.”

Delilah is a constant fight with her demons. She has a system, and it works for her, until a mystery man shows up and unsettles her.

Byrce is fucking sexy, I don’t even know how to describe him. Lady boner

Byrce is my new book boyfriend.

“That’s the difference between me and you, Love.” His soothing voice dips almost to a whisper. “You may know what you want, but I know what you need.”

He does know what Delilah needs, He understands her. He swears he not a dominate but Delilah begs to differ and so does the reader.

This is story about a broken women, and a black knight.

There are some complaints, but honestly I can’t even take a star off.



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