Southern Pleasure by Kaylee Ryan

Can I not like a book because it was too sweet. Like toothache sweet?


Evan Chamberlin is the perfect man, like he could do no wrong. His girlfriend wants to abort his baby and he does everything in his power to keep it. Even taken full parental responsibility.

He is a new father, and he needs help, and his best friend’s little sister steps up to the plate and helps him in anyway she can.  Anyway she can if you know what I mean. * wink wink* I-m_just_kidding

Kind of kidding,

Anywho McKinley is a good girl. I’m am really just being funny.

If you like a sweet hero and a even sweeter heroine this is the story for you. I would call it swoon-worthy if it was my cup of tea.

I like my hero a little more rough around the edges.

The writing was great, it flowed.

It was sexy.

I just hated all the avoidance, and it was bit repetitive.




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