Sublime Agony (The Sublime Trilogy #1) by Kora Anderson


Annalise  is running from her past. She is a broken beautiful ballerina. She works at a strip club to pay  for her tuition at Yale. This is where she meets Kason.

Kason is a dominant, and he wants Annalise. He makes an offer she can’t refuse.

Kason is sexy, controlling, and protective.


He really doesn’t want to  care for Annalise,  but he can’t fight it. He finds himself fighting her battles.

Annalise is closed off, she doesn’t want to remember her past.

The closer Kason gets to Annalise, the more he learns just how broken she is. Annalise is haunted.

There is a lot of sex in this book. My favorite scene the angry one. Just saying

15 bite


I loved the story, and the plot. I’m sad about the cliffhanger. I hope it doesn’t turn out like I think it will.

Why 3 star? It was a bit repetitive and had a lot of detail. While some people enjoy a lot of detail, I  personally don’t.

I look forward to the next book!!



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