First Touch (First and Last #1) by Laurelin Paige

The way this book ended



Emily best friend, Amber,  who she hasn’t spoken too in 6 years is missing. She sends Emily her safeword, explaining she’s in trouble.

Amber was last seen with Reeves. Emily and Amber used to be “sugar babies” but Emily retired and became and actress.

Now Emily has to go back into the sugar baby life to get close to Reeve, because she is sure he had something to do with Amber’s disappearance.

Emily has questionable morals, that may not be the right word but some of actions and thoughts had me like.


Emily thinks she’s sick, and maybe she is. She has no sexual limits, she will give and give until there is nothing left.

Reeve is dangerous, and Emily gets off on it.

Hell i’m pretty sure the readers got off on it, so what does that say about us. LOL awkaward

So this book was stressful, in a good way. We are just waiting for Emily to slip up, and she gets close. She takes risk because she is determined to find Amber.

This book is also hot, like I need to change my underwear hot.


All in all, its a good book, and in the end you won’t know who to trust.


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