Break Even by Lisa De Jong

5 STARS I survived reading a Love Triangle. 

I Don’t read about cheating, it’s a sore subject for me, but damn this book had be rooting for Marley and River. you get it girl

I put myself in Marley shoes, and from where I was standing I couldn’t even be mad at her decisions.

I had mixed feeling about  Cole ( her husband)


Marley was stuck in a loveless marriage. She thought she had it all, and over the last year she didn’t feel she had anything. She was following her husbands dream and not hers. Her husband was gone, a lot. He didn’t call or text. There was no communication. Marley tried but her efforts went unnoticed.

The reader has there suspicions about Cole. There was nothing pointing to him doing anything wrong. He was just a busy husband. Then the reader feels the guilt, because we all want her to get down with River.

17 slut

River is sex on a stick. I fell in love with River.  River makes this book scorching.

Why mouth

This a roller coaster, a real book experience. At one point I was so angry, I was sweating. Read it, it’s not what you think , ITS BETTER




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