My Best Friend’s Stepfather #3 (My Best Friend’s Stepfather #3)

⇐ARC kindly provided by author for honest review⇒

So I can honestly say I didn’t see that coming.


I mean I did when I started the 3rd book but not when I started the first book. I think that was a fair ending for a relationship that was complicated.


While I didn’t like the ending, and not the surprise, but the other thing which you’ll have to read it to form your own opinion. I can’t even take off stars because I loved Dare and Adam.

Why mouth


Ashley got on my nerves, but ultimately she tried to the right thing throughout the series.

I also like Opal’s writing style minus the word suckle. I took breastfeeding classes and that word will always be associated  with feeding a baby.



All in all, I loved the first book, Liked the second, and a bit surprised by the 3rd.

It’s sexy no doubt. Some books I read for romance, some I read for the thrill, and others I read for the sex.

I would read this for the sex. Just saying.



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