Tempting Tempting (Tempting, #1) by Alex Lucian

I liked this book, but for some reason I couldn’t connect to the heroine. Adele  sleeps with her professor Nathan. He was rough and took what he wanted. Adele has never had to fight for a mans attention. She doesn’t chase men, but she can’t stop herself from chasing her professor.


Nathan is a broken man, who lost his wife years ago. He’s not looking for a second round with Adele. He fights it, hurts her, but in the end he can’t fight the attraction he has for her.

I loved the writing style.

I loved the heat

Adele, I couldn’t connect. Nathan on other hand I could. I found myself more on his side then hers, when I should have been on Adele’s side.

Nonetheless, its a book with an age gap and teacher/student romance. It was hot


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