Eighteen (18) by J.A. Huss

18 is hard, because your considered an adult now, so basically, you need to get your shit together. We’ve all been there.

Shannon has been giving the short end of the stick. She doesn’t have anyone to rely on, she just lost her sister. It seems the world is against her.

Shannon takes it in stride though, She doesn’t give up. She just rolls with punches and delivering a few of her own. I loved Shannon, she might be one of my favorite heroines.you go girl

She is smart but doesn’t realize it. She thinks she just has a good memory. She just wants to be invisible and get trough life, but she meets Mateo, her teacher, and he sees her and pushes her.

“I’m gonna be seeing a lot of you Shannon Drake, There’s no way in hell you’ll be invisible to me.”

Mateo, is a mystery throughout the book, we don’t really know if he’s good for Shannon. He’s kinda of creepy, I was wondering at one point if this was going to turn into a darker romance LOL.



But it makes for a very sexy story. sogood

I loved it. I haven’t found  a teacher student romance that I’ve liked and  loved this one. While this story is sexy, is has so much more.


Good stuff


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