Pretend You’re Mine by Lucy Score

I loved this story, personally I could relate to Harper.


Harper doesn’t have a plan, she’s a little bit out there. She is kind flying through life. She finds trouble or trouble finds her. She’s smart, reckless, and caring.

She was a great heroine. She lost her parents young, and she was in and out of foster care. She doesn’t really have a home. When she finds out her boyfriend was cheating on her she just gets in her car and drives. She was planning on going to her friend’s house, but ends up in a small town about 4 hours opposite of where she was heading. That is where she meets Luke.


Luke is in control. Everything has a place. He doesn’t have room in his life for a reckless girl like Harper. He is about to deploy in a month. Something tragic happened to Luke and his loving parents are trying to hook him up with someone. Harper needs a place to stay until her friend comes back.


So Luke’s sister comes up with an idea. Harper should pose has his girlfriend until he leaves. I was wondering why the book was so long, I assumed it would end when their month ended. The story goes deeper.


Luke deploys and Harper decides to stay, and this little town becomes her home. She has a family now. She turns Luke’s life around, and it scares him.  This story has some great steam and romance but it’s more than that. It’s about friendship and family.


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