The Unwanted Wife By Natasha Anders

Ummm wow.
I'm stunned

I thought his book was going to make me cry, and I’m not an angst whore, so I put this book off for a while.

I didn’t cry once, I felt a lot of anger though, and not at the book, but for Theresa.

There was a part where Sandro called her a stalker…

oh shit
I was reading and yelling her response, just to make myself feel like I was yelling at Sandro. LOL

Theresa is in a loveless marriage, and she tries for 2 years to make it work, like any women who is in love. Then she was like enough is enough. Her rebellion starts out slow and builds.

She punishes Sandro without even meaning too. She isn’t out to hurt him, she really just wants out. Oddly enough it a beautiful story about a women who demands love & respect.

While she hates the situation she’s in she can sympathize with Sandro, and she really wants what is best for him, because she does love him. That is what I loved about this story is that Theresa isn’t bitter. Angry yes, bitter no.

you go girl.gif

Sandro feels the guilt and he really wants to fix what is broken. He takes her anger and rejection like a champ. The reader really doesn’t know if his intentions are genuine. Is it out of love or guilt?


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