Loving the Enemy (Seven Forbidden Arts, 0.5) By Charmaine Pauls


This is an action packed book, it never slows. There is always something happening. My heart broke for Lily because she was so young and naive. While she is young, and a little too trusting, she will do anything to survive which made me love her more.

Jacob is the enemy, at first. Lily becomes more to him. He tries to resist her, but she wants what she wants and doesn’t let up. I mean come on if Jacob was my “savoir” I would be throwing myself at him too.

I want him bad

This book is sexy and has some great scenes. I think the author could have made this book way more interesting. She had greatness at her fingertips. This book could have been a great paranormal, and I don’t even read paranormal.

For the record, I love age gaps.
don't make that face

I seen Lily’s age in this book, and I hated it.

I don't get it

I know, but I hated how young she sounded.

ALL AND ALL, this is a page turner that will probably turn you on.


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