Hard to Break (Alpha’s Heart, #2) By Bella Jewel

Arc Kindly Provided by author for a honest review.
I have no idea what to say about this book, I didn’t like it but I didn’t hate it.


I liked the story, I liked the writing style.

Great sexual tension and steamy scenes.

I’m on the fence because I loved the hero and hated the heroine.

Tazen (who I kept reading as Tarzan for some reason) was an asshole, arrogant, cocky, and I loved him because

I love an alpha asshole.

Thank you
You’re Welcome.

Tazen left his last relationship because his ex was certified crazy, and here comes Quinn, who is acting crazy. So I would be an asshole too.

She was immature and annoying.

My faces throughout the book.

Every time Quinn issued a threat

okay  thumbs up

Every time Quinn insulted someone


Quinn is a mechanic, and that’s awesome. That makes her badass all in its self, we didn’t need this badass bitch persona. It didn’t work.

It ruined this book for me.


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