Marked (Shadows in the Dark #1) by Charisse Spiers

Arc kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.
I don’t really know how to start my review.
I guess I’ll start with the basics.
There is a lot of sex in the book. We learn about Kaston and Lux lives before they meet. We get an idea of who they are emotionally and sexually before they meet.

hot 12

It’s pretty hot, Kaston is all alpha and very possessive
Lux is a kick ass

Kaston wants to be the good guy but he has these urges which don’t really come to light until the incident with his father. He isn’t looking for love. He doesn’t feel he deserves it. Although, he is the good guy he doesn’t see it that way. He has a rough start in life but he ended up with a good life with his father.

Lux and Kaston are a lot alike. Kaston was able to escape his mother, Lux wasn’t.
This is about two people who meet their match. To alphas fighting to be on top.
Lux is a gold digger, but not the kind you think. She isn’t trying to trap a man. She is sexual person who believes in give and take. She has standards and one is that the man is rich. She has a strong exterior, but she is fighting demons on the inside. Lux carries a lot of guilt and shame. She doesn’t love herself. She believes she is incapable of love.
Kaston sees through her front, and will stop at nothing to break her.
He fights for her. He is patient with her. More than I was LOL.

 “No matter how many times you run I’ll chase you, how many times you hide I’ll find you, or how many times you close off I’ll open you back. If you fall I’ll catch you. If you jump I’ll jump with you. I’ll never fucking give up on you.”

I loved the way they met, The 2nd time. Lux didn’t even bat an eye. I think that when Kaston knows she’s the one.

I fell in love with Kaston.

This is a dark erotica. Lux childhood is what makes this book dark. What she endured was heartbreaking. A couple times I had to put the book down.
My face

There are a lot of emotions in this book

Why 4 stars? 
The book was a bit repetitive at times and a little long winded. I still liked it.


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