Bad Romance: A Stepbrother Novel by Jen McLaughlin

ARC kindly provided by author

I love a good stepbrother romance. The reason is because I love the tension and the fight. This books has more tension than fight, but still a good book.

Jackson is a sexy broken man. Oh how I love a broken man.

He doesn’t want to hurt Lilly, he’s trying to do the right thing because he thinks she deserves better, but really he just doesn’t feel worthy of her love. He does try to fight it, but as as you can predict he fails.

He thinks he’ll ruin her, but she might just ruin him.


“I’d take you home fuck you, and make you come so hard you’d never feel clean again.”

dirty enough


About 60% of the book, I was yelling at the heroine! Just do it!

Do it


I liked Lilly, she has a big heart. I wanted so much for Lilly, she was a doormat, and she knew it. I wanted her to be tougher and stronger. Realistically, she has a lot of pressure on her shoulders. I don’t know what I would have done in her situation.


 I wanted Lilly to be the one to end it. I think of I would have respected her more


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