Owned (Decadence After Dark #1)by M. Never

So this books is pretty Hot.
 photo Lady boner_zpscv28miyz.gif

I enjoyed the book and I liked the plot. Ellie has had a crush on Kayne for almost a year. She’s drawn to him. She finally gets the nerve and ask him out to a party her boss is throwing. He shows up and one thing leads to another.

She thinks she’s going to fulfill her fantasy but shes gets something else entirely.
 photo taken_zps5mgogb65.gif

Shes gets Owned by Kayne

 photo Yes sir_zpsorkeqzio.gif

The only way Ellie can survive is to submit which isn’t easy. She does stay strong but the lines start to blur between love and hate. She has always wanted Kanye but not this way.

Kanye wants to protect her, but can he be the Hero and the Monster? He is conflicted.

I loved this book for many reason. Sometimes when you read a dark novel The anti hero can’t redeemed. It makes it hard for us to be happy when the heroine falls in love. Owned, for me, the Anti-hero can be redeemed for the readers.

Will Ellie see him as a monster or a hero?

“I want you to remember who controls your pleasure. No matter where you go or who you’re with. You’ll always be mine.”


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